The greatest sign maker’s printed signs for Oakland Athletics games

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The greatest sign maker’s printed signs for Oakland Athletics games

I hold two passions in my life: Oakland Athletics baseball & graphic design. Now if there was a way to marry these two things…

When the baseball season just started, I thought it would be fun to share my fanaticism by creating a few signs for my first home game in Oakland. I created & printed five signs at 20×30 inches, mounted on foam core board. These made the signs very light & rigid enough to hold up in the wind.


Like with any of my other design jobs, a project like this required research. I looked up the names of new players (a big feat, since the A’s are a team with a high player turnover rate) & also found slogans/sayings that are appealing to all types of crowds.

Learning from my unsuccessful home-made signs last year, I had to adjust to make my signs more TV-friendly. Trying to reference obscure meme references — even if they’re really funny — will not get much love on the big screen.

Finally, with my general design research into color schemes, collecting assets (resourcing logos & finding related imagery), I was able to whip up a few simple posters. The key thing is not to get too elaborate with it & to make sure it can be read from far distances. Large, contrasting text were key.

Broad appeal

To make sure I had all my bases covered (these baseball puns are totally unintentional), I had to make sure that the signs appealed to different baseball demographics.

These following posters appealed to the hardcore A’s fans who know their players & follow their A’s news.

"Coco to LF? This better work." "Si Cespedes" "2012 Spring Training World Champs"

Non-baseball fans loved this one! I’m totally not clever enough to come up with that joke on my own, though.

"Then it hit me."

The default rally cry at the Coliseum for an A’s home game. The screaming Brick Tamland wearing an A’s tie appealed to fans of the Judd Apatow Anchorman movie & his famous “LOUD NOISES” line.

"Let's Go Oakland"

This widespread appeal earned me a spot on an baseball blog, which, in turn, placed me temporarily on the homepage for a few hours on April 10, 2012, which ultimately earned me the top Google search result for ‘greatest sign maker.’

All this happened on the same day I threw out the first pitch, too!

Because of the resilience of the materials used, it’s possible for me to reuse the posters. My goal is to produce one new poster per home game.

New signs

Let’s hope we can get more exposure!

Have a sign idea you want me to try? I would love to make it for you! »