Photoshop 101 brown bag session

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Photoshop 101 brown bag session on the projector
As the resident Photoshop expert at my company & the understanding the need for some general image editing that is required across different teams, I organized a lunchtime brownbag session to teach my peers how to do some basic editing on Photoshop. The invite was sent company-wide; 20 came to attend & support. They all brought their lunches to the large meeting room & ate while I taught some Photoshop fundamentals.

Prior to the session, I sent out a survey in my invitation email to ask for suggestions on what they would like to learn. I narrowed my points to:

  • explaining the basics of the Photoshop interface, & how all compositions revolve around the idea of layers
  • using layer masks so that layer imagery is kept intact
  • how to screen capture a webpage, then editing text that’s rasterized on a button

Toward the end, I had a little fun by demonstrating their newfound knowledge of layers & masks & created composites from existing photos.

The session lasted an hour. For the curious, since it was conducted through my laptop, I recorded my screen through QuickTime Player & uploaded the screen capture: