About Ian, the designer & photographer

Ian, the designer & photographer

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I am an interaction/visual designer with years of agency experience with a goal to create excise-free experiences for desktop, mobile & web interfaces. I’m passionate about typography & the Swiss design approach (grid systems, simple interfaces). Communication is critical in my work as it’s required to provide clear build instructions of my designs for engineering, sharing my ideas of products to stakeholders, & leading design reviews with structured processes. An important driver to my success of my career is creating new products from conception to development, whether it’s a brand new app or adding a new feature to an existing one.

The progression of Ian

I still firmly believe that although this new digital age has made desktop publishing much more efficient & easier, nothing beats a piece of paper & a pencil as the first step in the design process.

My passion for design isn’t necessarily confined at my workstation. Even when I’m not on the job, I’m still on a mission to be the best designer I can be. My wife & I maintain a personal blog about our travels & experiences at juiceandsnacks.com, a perfect place where I can showcase my quirky, non-corporate design ideas. Even better, if you do a Google search for the ‘greatest sign maker‘, my name is the first result!

So…why should you hire me?

I’m the advocate for the common user

Whenever I’m dreaming up new interfaces, I always keep the common user in mind. To understand this common user, I would have to study the audience. I’ll do this through analytics, surveys & user testing. In the early stages of creating the product, I try to develop & implement personas to help us in our design decisions. (“I think this new splash screen looks cool, but will it benefit Susan, who needs to find information in a jiffy?“)

I want to make thinks that are intuitive to the user, since they’re #1!

I love to learn…& educate

I try to surround myself with experts, even non-designers. Learning new information gives me the drive to go into work every day!

When on the job, I also love to teach. Whenever I make design decisions, I make sure I back it up with findings from experts & with proven best conventions.

Product development

When I understand there’s a need for a product & no other solutions exist that does exactly what the user needs, I have a questionnaire that I follow to see if I can create a new product. This ranges from something as simple as creating a search filter for a Google Maps mashup, to developing a mobile app for an archaic train system.

Project manager

For someone who deals with as many as 12 major customers per week, projects can get unruly. When meeting with stakeholders, I make sure that I properly collect project requirements so we can maintain scope & budget.

Leader under pressure

When I set up a print photo booth at an event, I would sometimes need to manage group of as many as six team members, & to deal directly with customers at the same time. Creating a well-humming machine & be customer-facing with a smile is quite satisfying!

Passionate about design

Even when not at the office, I’m always trying to inject design in my daily life & my hobbies. On my free time, I spend a lot of my days in Oakland at Athletics games. To show my allegiance to my team, I design posters to show off at A’s games. The MLB caught wind of my work & has featured me on their blog a few times. Check out my posters!